2024 State Chapter Communications Support - Reproductive Freedom for All

Formerly NARAL Pro-Choice America

2024 State Chapter Communications Support

Request for Proposal

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to hire communications consultants to work with us in our 5 chapter states (AZ, CA, GA, MI, NV).

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Organization Background

Reproductive Freedom for All fights for reproductive freedom for every person in every state. We organize and mobilize to ensure everybody has access to abortion care, birth control, paid family leave, and pregnancy discrimination protections.

Reproductive Freedom For All has 5 state chapters in AZ, CA, GA, MI and NV. Our state chapters build grassroots and political power to engage and mobilize communities, lobby state lawmakers, and advocate for reproductive freedom.

Project Overview

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (“RFP”) is to hire communications consultants to work with us in our 5 chapter states (AZ, CA, GA, MI, NV). We will be hiring 1 consultant per state, and the consultant will need to be based in the chapter state.

Communications consultants should have:

  • Experience working in the chapter state and strong relationships with local reporters.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • A proven track record of pitching and placing local media hits.
  • Experience working with Spanish language media and relationships with Spanish language reporters.
  • Experience working on earned media on electoral campaigns.
  • A demonstrated commitment to Reproductive Freedom for All’s values of collaboration, equity, excellence, inclusion, and transparency
  • A strong commitment to protecting reproductive freedom.

The consultant will work with our State Campaigns team.

RFP Objectives

  • Develop a list of trusted reporter contacts in each of our chapter states.
  • Garner earned media hits (including Spanish media) related to our 2024 priorities highlighting Reproductive Freedom for All’s state chapter role in the state.
  • Provide additional capacity for rapid response moments for the Reproductive Freedom for All state chapter Communications team.

Budget Details

The budget for this project is approximately $3,000-$5,000 monthly, per state.

RFP Point of Contact and Timeline

Please direct all questions and submit all materials to:
Caroline Mello Roberson
[email protected]

RFP Questions

Your Experience and Approach

  • Please describe your experience producing earned media hits for other progressive organizations in electoral cycles.
  • Please describe your approach to collaborating with teams.
  • Please describe how you approach building reporter relationships.
  • Please describe your approach in ensuring equity and inclusion in garnering earned media hits

About You 

  • Please provide the names and contact information of two clients or references with whom you have worked directly and can speak to your work.
  • Describe your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Provide specific examples that support this commitment.
  • Describe your efforts to support reproductive freedom and social justice issues. Provide specific examples of these efforts, for example, have you worked with other progressive advocacy or reproductive freedom organizations?
  • Please indicate whether you describe yourself or your company as identified below and whether there is certification/representation at the ownership level in the following categories:
    • Minority-owned
    • Women-owned
    • LGBT+-owned
    • Disabled-owned
    • Veteran-owned
    • Union affiliated