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California Reproductive Freedom Legislative Scorecard 2023

Reproductive freedom has strong advocates in California, but we need excellence from every single state lawmaker to meet this moment. As anti-abortion extremists across the country attack our fundamental freedoms, we cannot rest on our laurels. We need the state legislature’s full buy-in to enact innovative policies that expand access to reproductive health care, including abortion.
Shannon Olivieri Hovis

Shannon Olivieri Hovis

California Director

In this year’s legislative scorecard, just 16 of the 33 bills that Reproductive Freedom for All California scored were signed by Governor Newsom or otherwise enacted by his administration. Five scored bills were vetoed by Gov. Newsom, three scored bills were held in committee and are no longer moving forward, and nine bills became two-year bills with the possibility of advancing in 2024.

Some major accomplishments for reproductive freedom in 2023 include:

  • Improving “shield” protections for providers of abortion and gender-affirming care—regardless of where the patient is located.
  • Strengthening California’s safe haven and privacy protections for out-of-state patients.
  • Addressing California’s provider shortages by ensuring that licensed medical providers have access to professional liability insurance coverage without discrimination for providing abortion care, contraception, and gender-affirming care.
  • Expanding access to menstrual products in third through fifth grades.

Reproductive Freedom for All California’s Legislative Scorecard is designed to recognize our champions for reproductive freedom and incentivize legislators to strive to achieve champion status.

In the 2023 scorecard, 45 legislators earned the “Champion” designation, with 32 legislators earning an A+ and an additional 13 earning an A. Altogether, 60 legislators—half of the legislature—earned the designation of “Reproductive Freedom Champion” or “Reproductive Freedom Leader” in the 2023 scorecard. While these are strong numbers, they in fact reflect a drop from 2022 when 80 legislators earned champion or leader status.


State Senate

Reproductive Freedom Champions (A+, A)
Senator Party District Grade
Nancy Skinner D 9 A+
Caroline Menjivar D 20 A+
Susan Rubio D 22 A+
Aisha Wahab D 10 A+
Scott Wiener D 11 A+
Toni Atkins D 39 A+
Catherine Blakespear D 38 A+
Bill Dodd D 3 A+
Lena Gonzalez D 33 A
Mike McGuire D 2 A
Dave Min D 37 A
Josh Becker D 13 A
Angelique Ashby D 8 A
Steven Bradford D 35 A
Reproductive Freedom
Leaders (A-, B+)
Senator Party District Grade
María Elena Durazo D 26 A-
Melissa Hurtado D 16 A-
John Laird D 17 A-
Monique Limón D 19 A-
Steve Padilla D 18 A-
Anthony Portantino D 25 A-
Lola Smallwood-Cuevas D 28 A-
Henry Stern D 27 B+
Anna Caballero D 14 B+
Reproductive Freedom Defenders (B, B-)
Senator Party District Grade
Susan Eggman D 5 B
Ben Allen D 24 B
Bob Archuleta D 30 B
Dave Cortese D 15 B
Tom Umberg D 34 B
Josh Newman D 29 B
Richard Roth D 31 B
Steve Glazer D 7 B
Legislators with Mixed Support for Reproductive Freedom (C,C-)
Senator Party District Grade
Marie Alvarado-Gil D 4 C
Legislators Extremely Hostile to Reproductive Freedom (F)
Senator Party District Grade
Scott Wilk R 21 F
Brian Dahle R 1 F
Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh R 23 F
Kelly Seyarto R 32 F
Janet Nguyen R 36 F
Roger Niello R 6 F
Brian Jones R 40 F
Shannon Grove R 12 F

State Assembly

Reproductive Freedom Champions (A+, A)
Assemblymember Party District Grade
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry* D 4 A+
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan* D 16 A+
Buffy Wicks D 14 A+
Pilar Schiavo D 40 A+
Gail Pellerin D 28 A+
Marc Berman D 23 A+
Cottie Petrie-Norris* D 73 A+
Sabrina Cervantes D 58 A+
Lisa Calderon* D 56 A+
Tasha Boerner D 77 A+
Jim Wood* D 2 A+
Wendy Carrillo D 52 A+
Ash Kalra D 25 A+
Eloise Gómez Reyes D 50 A+
Sharon Quirk-Silva D 67 A+
Akilah Weber* D 79 A+
Assemblymember Party District Grade
Stephanie Nguyen* D 10 A+
Joaquin Arambula D 31 A+
Mia Bonta* D 18 A+
Laura Friedman D 44 A+
Matt Haney D 17 A+
Mike Gipson D 65 A+
Tina McKinnor D 61 A+
Blanca Rubio D 48 A+
Dawn Addis* D 30 A
Alex Lee D 24 A
Luz Rivas D 43 A
Damon Connolly D 12 A
Diane Papan D 21 A
Isaac Bryan D 55 A
Lori Wilson D 11 A

*Sits on the Assembly Select Committee on Reproductive Health.

Reproductive Freedom
Leaders (A-, B+)
Assemblymember Party District Grade
Tim Grayson D 15 A-
Robert Rivas D 29 A-
Corey Jackson* D 60 A-
Evan Low D 26 A-
Blanca Pacheco D 64 A-
Rick Chavez Zbur* D 51 A-
Liz Ortega D 20 B+
Reggie Jones-Sawyer D 57 B+
Reproductive Freedom Defenders (B, B-)
Assemblymember Party District Grade
Jesse Gabriel D 46 B
Gregg Hart D 37 B
Steve Bennett D 38 B
David Alvarez D 80 B
Juan Carrillo D 39 B
Mike Fong D 49 B
Eduardo Garcia D 36 B
Josh Lowenthal D 69 B
Anthony Rendon D 62 B
Freddie Rodriguez D 53 B
Miguel Santiago D 54 B
Chris Ward D 78 B
Avelino Valencia D 68 B
Brian Maienschein D 76 B
Kevin McCarty D 6 B
Jacqui Irwin D 42 B-
Phil Ting D 19 B-
Al Muratsuchi D 66 B-
Jasmeet Bains D 35 B-
Chris Holden D 41 B-
Legislators with Mixed Support for Reproductive Freedom (C)
Assemblymember Party District Grade
Carlos Villapudua D 13 C
James Ramos D 45 C
Greg Wallis R 47 C
Esmeralda Soria D 27 C
Legislators Hostile to Reproductive Freedom (D)
Assemblymember Party District Grade
Juan Alanis R 22 D
Legislators Extremely Hostile to Reproductive Freedom (F)
Assemblymember Party District Grade
Laurie Davies R 74 F
Marie Waldron R 75 F
Devon Mathis R 33 F
Tri Ta R 70 F
Josh Hoover R 7 F
Jim Patterson R 8 F
Heath Flora R 9 F
Phillip Chen R 59 F
James Gallagher R 3 F
Megan Dahle R 1 F
Vince Fong R 32 F
Bill Essayli R 63 F
Tom Lackey R 34 F
Diane Dixon R 72 F
Joe Patterson R 5 F
Kate Sanchez R 71 F

*Sits on the Assembly Select Committee on Reproductive Health.

Note: Ordered from highest to lowest score



Assembly and Senate committee and floor votes on reproductive freedom bills are scored and also factors in lead authorship/co-authorship of bills advancing reproductive freedom.

Read more about our methodology.

Group photo from California Lobby Day 2023
Members and staff from California Lobby Day 2023