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Decoding the Radical Right: How Republicans’ Phony Cries of “Censorship” Made Tech Complicit in the Right’s Anti-Democratic Attacks

To: Interested Parties
From: NARAL Pro-Choice America Research
Date: October 23, 2020

Decoding the Radical Right: How Republicans’ Phony Cries of “Censorship” Made Tech Complicit in the Right’s Anti-Democratic Attacks  

AT A GLANCE: As Republicans resort to disinformation and propaganda in their efforts to undermine democracy and prop up Trump’s failing campaign, they’ve used baseless accusations of anti-conservative bias to pressure tech giants like Twitter and Facebook into looking the other way. In reality, Republicans’ phony cries of “censorship” have succeeded in bullying tech platforms into setting up a double standard that allows conservative disinformation to run virtually unchecked. These companies’ recent moves to change course on this are too little too late. 


Until progressives can be equally bold in demanding stronger protections against online disinformation, tech companies will continue to be cowed by Republican demands and complicit in the right’s attacks on democracy. 

From refusing to commit to a peaceful transfer of power to openly engaging in voter suppression and intimidation, Donald Trump and the Republican Party aren’t even trying to hide their blatant attacks on our democracy. With early indicators pointing towards major Democratic victories in 2020, Republicans have weaponized disinformation in a desperate attempt to prevent a blue wave.

With just days left until Election Day, prominent Republicans are fighting any efforts to limit the flow of disinformation by pushing bogus claims that top tech companies are engaging in anti-conservative “censorship.” Instead of championing policies and practices that would mitigate the threat of online disinformation to public health and our democracy, Republicans are using their “censorship” narrative to bully tech into allowing them to evade the rules that everyone else plays by. They have been spreading lies that support their political goals and using manipulative online tactics like “troll farms,” which pay people to spread lies online. Republicans are demanding tech platforms set up a double-standard in enforcing any rules or guidelines to ensure that prominent conservatives get preferential treatment online.  

Republican politicians are pursuing this strategy instead of discussing the serious issues affecting everyday Americans. This reveals just how scared they are as we approach Election Day. 


Taking a page from Russia’s successful disinformation campaign in 2016, Republicans have continuously shared false, misleading, and discredited information about everything from mail-in voting to Hunter Biden in the run-up to the election. Their relentless disinformation campaign relies on whipping up right-wing hysteria about non-existent “censorship” of conservatives to manipulate tech companies into giving them preferential treatment. And it’s working:  

Such disingenuous accusations of supposed anti-conservative bias have so far been successful at giving Republicans’ an undue advantage online, while also serving to rile up the Republican base and stoke the so-called culture war. They also provide a convenient distraction from Republicans’ glaring failures in leadership, while lining up tech as a scapegoat in the case that Democrats win by a landslide. 



The tactic of claiming anti-conservative “censorship” by social media companies is far from new—the anti-choice movement has been relying on it for years to bully tech companies into allowing their lies to continue spreading unchecked. 

And unfortunately, it’s worked. Instead of standing up for truth and democracy, the major tech companies have overwhelmingly bowed to their pressure campaigns. In one of the most jarring examples, Facebook censored its own fact-checkers after they correctly labeled anti-choice extremist Lila Rose’s egregious claim that “abortion is never medically necessary” as false. That’s because Rose and her Republican allies in the Senate stoked right-wing outrage over the decision, leading Facebook to cave under pressure and remove the fact check, empowering Rose and the anti-choice movement at large to continue spreading dangerous health disinformation about abortion

The strategy of crying “censorship” has worked all too well for conservatives to ensure they get preferential treatment by tech companies. Their false claims that tech companies like Facebook favors liberals and Democrats disguise the plethora of evidence proving the direct opposite, including: 

As the threat of disinformation and its potential impact on democracy has become more obvious to the public, social media companies have enacted modest (yet insufficient) changes to their policies ahead of the election. Of course, Republicans have opposed those slight changes.

Alarmingly, conservatives’ baseless “censorship” narrative distracts from urgent concerns from public health and human rights experts. Tech companies are harming their users by failing to stop the spread of misinformation, including dangerous health disinformation with real-world impacts; lagging on removing groups and pages that incite violence; and implementing harmful algorithms that increase polarization and even radicalize users.  



By folding to Republican politicians and Radical Right activists and failing to check the flood of disinformation, hateful rhetoric, and outright lies, social media companies have been complicit in the Right’s efforts to undermine democracy and hurt public health.


We can’t let Republican’s bogus cries of “censorship” continue to go unchallenged—in reality, what they’re demanding is preferential treatment. 

Free speech protections don’t require tech platforms to amplify harmful narratives, especially not when those harmful narratives are designed to drown out the truth and undermine others’ ability to be heard.  The reality is that social media platforms provide bad actors with a digital megaphone and a favorable algorithm, even after they violate platform policies. By continuing to allow right-wing disinformers to lie to their massive audiences without repercussions, tech companies created a situation where fake news drowns out the truth and actors who abide by the rules have less reach online

Actor and advocate Sacha Baron Cohen summed up the issue last year in an address to the Anti-Defamation League: “This is not about limiting anyone’s free speech.  This is about giving people, including some of the most reprehensible people on earth, the biggest platform in history to reach a third of the planet.  Freedom of speech is not freedom of reach.”