NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada Endorses Attorney General Aaron Ford for Reelection - Reproductive Freedom for All

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NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada Endorses Attorney General Aaron Ford for Reelection

For Immediate Release: Wednesday, November 10, 2021
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Nevada’s leading reproductive freedom advocacy group endorses incumbent Attorney General Ford of Nevada

Carson City — NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada today announced its endorsement of Aaron Ford for reelection as Nevada’s attorney general. Ford is completing his first term after defeating an anti-choice, anti-freedom candidate for the statewide position in 2018, becoming the first Black person to be elected to statewide office in Nevada.

NARAL Pro-Choice America Southwest Regional Director Caroline Mello Roberson said:

Attorney General Ford has a strong and consistent track record of fighting for reproductive freedom and against unconstitutional restrictions on abortion access. NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada and our 44,000 members statewide are proud to endorse Attorney General Ford again and mobilize voters to support his candidacy. More than 8 in 10 Nevadans support the right to abortion, and Attorney General Ford will continue to take bold action to proactively expand abortion access and defend every Nevadan’s freedom to make decisions about their health, lives, families, and futures.”

Attorney General Aaron Ford said:

“I’m honored to earn the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada and their 44,000 members in our reelection campaign. I’m proud to fight for the people of Nevada and their right to access safe reproductive health care. The far-right is doing everything they can to interfere with a person’s personal health care decisions, and as long as I’m Nevada’s Attorney General, I’ll be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with women and their families as a brick wall against these dangerous attacks.”

Attorney General Ford has been a strong champion of reproductive freedom throughout his career in public service. Just one day after taking the oath of office for attorney general in 2019, Ford added Nevada to a coalition of states working to block the Trump administration’s action to allow employers to deny their employees coverage for birth control for nearly any reason. Also, in 2019, Ford led an amicus brief filed by 20 states arguing that a state cannot limit abortion providers because of the availability of abortion providers in a neighboring state. As a state senator, Ford fought to expand access to birth control and maintain barrier-free access to preventative services, prenatal care, cancer screenings, and screenings for STDs. 

As anti-choice attacks have ramped up in 2021, Ford has assured Nevadans that their constitutional rights and freedom to make their own decisions about pregnancy will be respected, while standing up for abortion access with other state attorneys general. Ford joined an amicus brief against a restrictive six-week abortion ban in South Carolina and a brief in support of the U.S. Department of Justice’s challenge to Texas’s vigilante-enforced abortion ban. As anti-choice state lawmakers have already introduced, advanced, or passed more than 330 state bills attacking abortion access in 2021, Nevada plays a key role in defending access to abortion care.

It has never been more important to elect statewide leaders who will fight for reproductive freedom. The U.S. Supreme Court will also soon hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade. With an eye to the Court’s anti-choice supermajority, lawmakers hostile to reproductive freedom have ramped up their attacks on abortion access in hopes of ultimately overturning Roe. This year, 106 restrictions on abortion access have been enacted at the state level, making it the worst year for abortion rights since Roe was decided.


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