As Vice President Joe Biden announces running mate, prepare for the Radical Right’s misogynistic attacks - Reproductive Freedom for All

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As Vice President Joe Biden announces running mate, prepare for the Radical Right’s misogynistic attacks

August 1, 2020

To: Interested Parties

From: NARAL Pro-Choice America 

As Vice President Joe Biden prepares to announce his running mate, all but guaranteed to be a woman committed to reproductive freedom, it’s clear that this ticket’s commitment to reproductive rights and gender equity will be key to victory in November. 

NARAL was proud to endorse Vice President Biden earlier this week and we know that whoever he chooses to run alongside him, this will be an exceptionally strong ticket ready to ensure Trump is soundly defeated.

Including a woman and champion for reproductive freedom on the ticket will inspire voters to turn out in force at the ballot box, and help fuel victories down ballot as well, as we work to not only take back the White House but also flip control of the Senate, expand our majority in the House, and elect reproductive freedom advocates to other elected offices across the country. Whoever Vice President Biden selects as his running mate will be a critical partner not only in securing victory in November but also a strong governing partner in the White House by offering invaluable perspective and expertise to achieve a bold vision.

Women are the heart and soul of the Democratic base. Women voters delivered victories up and down the ballot in 2018 and 2019 and are poised yet again to play a major role in 2020.

But we also know that women running for office face virulent sexism, especially in match-ups with unapologetic misogynists like Donald Trump. Republicans working at the behest of the Radical Right are desperate to thwart social progress and advance their ideological agenda, and the president’s tanking poll numbers mean their grip on power is on the line—so there’s no low they won’t sink to.

As NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue explained in her new best-selling book, The Lie That Binds, the anti-choice Radical Right has depended on the silence of the majority for decades to advance their unpopular, regressive ideology. Using disinformation, they weaponized the previously apolitical issue of abortion in order to build a political movement to undermine progress. But we’re unmasking the lie at the heart of their strategy. The truth is that 77% of Americans support Roe v. Wade. The majority is with us and we know that support for reproductive freedom is a recipe for success at the ballot box. We must loudly and consistently reject misogynistic attacks and be vocal about our values. It is time to shatter the silence.

As a proven and compassionate leader with a track record of listening to others, we know we can count on Vice President Biden to reject disinformation and center data and evidence in his decision-making—unlike Donald Trump and his allies who put ideology before science time and time again, even during a pandemic.

NARAL is ready to counter sexist attacks and disinformation intended to cobble this winning ticket and are executing our largest-ever electoral program designed to reach, persuade, and mobilize key voter segments including soft-partisan persuadable women voters and low-propensity, reproductive freedom voters who are motivated by Trump and Republicans’ commitment to ending Roe v. Wade, criminalizing abortion, and punishing women.