ICYMI: Los Angeles Times Endorses NARAL-backed Candidate Christy Smith for Congress - Reproductive Freedom for All

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ICYMI: Los Angeles Times Endorses NARAL-backed Candidate Christy Smith for Congress

The Los Angeles Times today endorsed California state Assemblymember and reproductive freedom champion Christy Smith in her campaign to represent the state’s 25th Congressional District.

Highlights from the LA Times endorsement include:

“The winner of the race will be thrust immediately into one of the most important challenges that has faced Congress in modern history: helping guide the nation through an economic and health crisis that’s still unfolding. There’s no question which candidate is better prepared to step into the debate and help shape smart policy.”


“Her experience guiding a school district through the last economic downturn and now the state through its pandemic response makes her uniquely qualified for precisely this job at precisely this moment.”

NARAL Pro-Choice America has invested heavily in the race to fill the Congressional seat vacated by former 25th District Rep. Katie Hill, and announced its endorsement of Smith in December 2019.

In the weeks leading up to the primary in this race on Super Tuesday, NARAL members knocked on nearly 700 doors, made over 1,300 calls, and contacted over 5,000 voters through a text and digital program to mobilize voters in support of Smith.

Earlier this week, Smith — who will face off against extreme anti-choice Republican Mike Garcia in a May 12 special election — joined over 90 NARAL Pro-Choice California members in a “Virtual Happy Hour” where she shared her personal stories that drive her commitment to reproductive freedom and why defending the House in 2020 is critically important.

Highlights from NARAL’s endorsement include:

“…Throughout my life, I’ve fought to tear down barriers facing women, and in Congress, I’m resolutely committed to ensuring that every woman in this country has complete control of her own body and healthcare decisions. I look forward to working together to ensuring a 100% pro-choice America.” — Assemblymember Christy Smith


“Christy Smith has dedicated her life to championing issues that are crucial to California women and families, and we’re proud to back her in this race. During Christy’s tenure in the California Assembly, she has proven herself to be a fierce advocate for reproductive freedom. The stakes are higher than ever, and we look forward to supporting Christy as she takes this fight to Congress.”  — NARAL Pro-Choice California Director Shannon Hovis