NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia Endorses Charlie Bailey for Lieutenant Governor and Slate of 19 Candidates in Key State Legislative Races - Reproductive Freedom for All

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NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia Endorses Charlie Bailey for Lieutenant Governor and Slate of 19 Candidates in Key State Legislative Races

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, August 30, 2022
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NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia Endorses Charlie Bailey for Lieutenant Governor and Slate of 19 Candidates in Key State Legislative Races

Georgia — Today, NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia announced its endorsement of Charlie Bailey for lieutenant governor as well as 19 candidates running in the 2022 elections for seats in the Georgia state Senate and state House of Representatives. These candidates are champions and future leaders for reproductive freedom who can be counted on to defend and advance our fundamental rights.  

NARAL Pro-Choice America President Mini Timmaraju released the following statement:

“Across the country, Republican extremists are relentlessly stripping away our fundamental freedoms, including the right to abortion—and we will be just as relentless in ensuring they’re voted out this November. Georgians deserve leaders who will champion and expand their rights, and we’re eager to work with these candidates in the fight for our lives to protect reproductive freedom.”

NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Southeast Campaigns Director Alicia Stallworth released the following statement:

“Our state legislature plays a vital role in protecting abortion rights and access, and we’re seeing these fundamental freedoms ruthlessly rolled back by anti-choice, anti-freedom Republicans. The vast majority of Georgians are with us—and they’re energized to organize and mobilize to elect these champions and future leaders this November.”

Endorsement for Georgia Lieutenant Governor:

  • Charlie Bailey

Endorsement for Georgia State Senate:

  • Nabilah Islam, SD 7 

Endorsements for Georgia House of Representatives:

  • Devin Pandy, HD 29 
  • Lisa Campbell, HD 35 
  • Doug Stoner, HD 40 
  • Willie Mae Oyogoa, HD 44 
  • Rep. Betsy Holland, HD 54   
  • Inga Willis, HD 55 
  • Phil Olaleye, HD 59 
  • Rep. Debra Bazemore, HD 69 
  • Saira Draper, HD 90
  • Ruwa Romman, HD 97
  • Rep. Marvin Lim, HD 99 
  • Rep. Shelly Hutchinson, HD 106  
  • Rep. Sam Park, HD 107 
  • Rep. Jasmine Clark, HD 108  
  • Mokah Jasmine Johnson, HD 120 
  • Jeff Auerbach, HD 121
  • Joyce Barlow, HD 151
  • Marcus Thompson, HD 164

Listening to state leaders and recognizing the power and necessity of real on-the-ground investments, NARAL Pro-Choice America launched its Georgia chapter—NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia—in 2017 to help build the progressive momentum and infrastructure necessary to make Georgia a critical battleground state. NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia spent years working alongside other in-state groups to lay the foundation to help flip Georgia blue, mobilizing tens of thousands of voters to turn out for reproductive freedom candidates, including this slate of reproductive freedom champions.

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization—ending the constitutional right to abortion and opening the door for extremist state lawmakers to put total bans on abortion in place. This decision is already having a devastating impact throughout the country as 14 states, including Georgia, have begun enforcing extreme or total bans on abortion. The people hurt most by these bans and restrictions are those who already face barriers to accessing abortion care—including women; Black, Indigenous, and other people of color; those working to make ends meet; the LGBTQ+ community; immigrants; young people; those living in rural communities; and people with disabilities.

These endorsements come as NARAL Pro-Choice America is ramping up its work to elect candidates up and down the ballot during a critical moment in the fight for reproductive freedom. NARAL, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, and EMILY’s List announced a partnership in May to collectively spend a historic $150 million on the 2022 midterms to elect reproductive freedom champions up and down the ballot across the country. Read more about NARAL’s endorsed candidates here.


For over 50 years, NARAL Pro-Choice America has fought to protect and advance reproductive freedom at the federal and state levels—including access to abortion care, birth control, pregnancy and post-partum care, and paid family leave—for every body. NARAL is powered by its 4 million members from every state and congressional district in the country, representing the 8 in 10 Americans who support legal abortion.